JuJo Acres Beef Farm

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Jonas and Judy Stoltzfus
528 Bistline Bridge Road
Loysville, PA 17047

Phone 717-536-3618
Fax 717-536-3441
USDA Organic - small
Nestled in the green rolling hills of Perry County, PA, our small family farm has been raising premium beef for over a quarter century.

JuJo Acres specializes in the
Limousin heirloom breed, originally from the Limoges region of France, known for its leanness and high meat-to-bone ratio.

Our beef animals are only grassfed. Winter feed is free-choice certified organic hay and ensiled hay, all grown on certified organic fields. Grassfed beef is proven to be significantly more nutritious, with 500% more
CLA's, 400% vitamin A, 300% more vitamin E, and 75% more omega-3 than grainfed beef.

herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides on our fields since 1980.